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Skin Boosters

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  • Unlock a New Dimension of Beauty with Russian Lip Filler!

    Experience the epitome of lip enhancement through our Russian lip filler technique. Renowned for its ability to create a natural-looking, voluminous pout, Russian lip filler involves meticulous injections to shape and contour the lips. It's not just a treatment; it's an art, enhancing your features with precision.

    Step into the Future of Aesthetics with 3D Russian Lip Filler!

    Elevate your beauty journey with our 3D Russian lip filler, a cutting-edge approach that adds depth and dimension to your lips. By strategically placing fillers to create shadows and highlights, this technique provides a multidimensional effect, ensuring your lips stand out with elegance and grace. Discover the next level of aesthetic enhancement – where your lips become a work of art in three dimensions.

    From £140 per ml

  • Facial Contouring: Rediscover your natural beauty with our facial contouring services. Targeting key areas such as nasal labia folds, marionette lines, cheeks, chin, and jawline, our experts employ advanced techniques to redefine your features. Achieve the perfect balance and symmetry, enhancing your unique charm.

    8-Point Face Lift: Experience the transformative power of our 8-point face lift. This non-surgical procedure focuses on strategic injection points, lifting and revitalising key areas of your face. Witness a subtle yet remarkable lift in the cheeks, jawline, and other critical zones. Unveil a refreshed, youthful appearance without the need for invasive surgery.

    We bring precision and artistry to facial contouring, ensuring you step into a new realm of confidence and beauty.

    From £130

  • Our cutting-edge fat dissolving treatment, often referred to as the "Lemon Bottle" treatment, is a breakthrough in non-surgical body contouring. Say goodbye to stubborn pockets of fat with this minimally invasive procedure. Specially formulated solutions are skilfully injected to target localised fat deposits, effectively liquefying and naturally eliminating them.

    Discover a slimmer, more sculpted you with our advanced fat dissolving method. The Lemon Bottle treatment is designed for precision, ensuring you achieve noticeable results without the need for surgery. Embrace a smoother, more contoured physique and step confidently into a new chapter of self-assurance.

    From £100

  • Indulge in a transformative journey with our expertly administered anti-wrinkle injections, tailored to enhance your natural beauty. From addressing gummy smiles, softening lip lines, and creating a subtle lip flip, to minimising smokers lines and uplifting downturned smiles, we specialise in nuanced facial rejuvenation.

    Bid farewell to bunny lines, conquer teeth grinding with targeted masseter muscle treatment, and redefine your profile with a nose slimming touch. Say goodbye to under eye bags and combat hyperhidrosis with precision injections for underarm sweating.

    Our skilled practitioner brings an artistic touch to each treatment, ensuring you achieve results that look refreshingly natural. Embrace a more youthful, vibrant you with our comprehensive anti-wrinkle solutions. Unveil the beauty that comes with ageless confidence!

    From £140

Skin Boosters

  • Tired of battling dark circles and persistent eye bags? Step into a world of refreshed radiance with our Lumi Eye Treatment. Specially crafted to address the delicate under-eye area, this rejuvenating experience is designed to brighten, tighten, and revitalise.

    Lumi's advanced formula targets dark circles, banishing shadows and revealing a luminous complexion. Bid farewell to pesky eye bags as the treatment works its magic, reducing puffiness and restoring a youthful, rested appearance.

    Our advanced technique ensures a personalised approach, tailoring each Lumi Eye Treatment to your unique needs. Rediscover the sparkle in your eyes and embrace a revitalised, refreshed look.

    From £150

  • Experience the ultimate hydration with our Aqua Boost Skin Boosters. Specially curated to revitalise and replenish your skin's moisture levels, these boosters offer a surge of hydration, leaving your skin dewy, plump, and radiantly rejuvenated.

    Perfect for those seeking a non-invasive, hydrating solution, our Aqua Boost Skin Boosters are administered with precision by our expert skincare professional. The treatment involves micro-injections of a hydrating solution that works from within, promoting a natural, luminous glow.

    Say goodbye to dull, dehydrated skin and embrace the transformative power of Aqua Boost Skin Boosters.

    From £150

  • Discover a boost of energy and well-being with our Vitamin B12 injections. Packed with essential nutrients, Vitamin B12 is known to enhance energy levels, support metabolism, and promote overall vitality.

    Our expert practitioner administers Vitamin B12 injections with precision and care. Whether you're seeking an energy lift, metabolic support, or a general wellness boost, our injections are a convenient and effective way to ensure your body gets the essential nutrients it needs.

    From £25

  • Unlock the secret to luscious hair and radiant nails with our Biotin injections. Biotin, also known as Vitamin B7, is a crucial nutrient that plays a vital role in supporting healthy hair, skin, and nails.

    We offer specialised Biotin injections designed to provide your body with an optimal dose of this beauty-boosting vitamin. Biotin is renowned for promoting stronger, thicker hair, reducing brittleness, and supporting the growth of healthy nails.

Facials & Body 

  • Experience the epitome of skincare opulence with our Mini Million Dollar Facial, a condensed version of the renowned treatment loved by celebrities worldwide. This facial is designed to pamper your skin with the same million-dollar touch in a compact and rejuvenating session.

    Our skilled aesthetician will treat your skin to a customised blend of exfoliation, microneedling, and a nourishing mask, all carefully tailored to your unique skin needs. The Mini Million Dollar Facial aims to revitalise your complexion, leaving you with a radiant, youthful glow.


  • Experience the pinnacle of skincare luxury with our Million Dollar Facial, a treatment favoured by celebrities for its transformative results. This opulent facial combines the power of microdermabrasion, microneedling, and a bespoke mask enriched with vitamins and hyaluronic acid.

    Our skilled aesthetician delivers a personalised session to exfoliate, stimulate collagen, and deeply nourish your skin, promoting a radiant, red carpet-worthy complexion. The Million Dollar Facial aims to address various skin concerns, from fine lines to uneven texture, leaving you with a luminous and rejuvenated glow.


  • Say goodbye to dullness and welcome a radiant, balanced complexion with our Super Hydrating Facial, specially designed for oily and spot-prone skin. This indulgent treatment harnesses the power of hyaluronic acid, a skincare superhero that hydrates without clogging pores.

    Our skilled aestheticians expertly apply hyaluronic acid, a moisture magnet, to replenish your skin's hydration levels, promoting a supple and dewy glow. The use of jade rollers enhances the experience, providing a gentle massage that aids in product absorption while soothing and calming the skin.

    To further elevate your experience, we incorporate a lymphatic drainage massage. This technique helps to detoxify your skin by promoting the removal of excess fluid and toxins, leaving you with a refreshed and revitalised complexion.


  • Dermaplaning is your ticket to a flawlessly smooth complexion. This non-invasive exfoliation procedure involves gently scraping off the top layer of dead skin cells and fine vellus hair, leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth, and refreshed.

    Our skilled aesthetician uses a sterile surgical blade to delicately remove the peach fuzz and dull surface cells, instantly revealing brighter, more radiant skin beneath. Dermaplaning not only helps with smoother makeup application but also enhances the absorption of skincare products for a more effective beauty routine.


  • Revitalise your complexion with the dynamic duo of microneedling and cooling globes paired with a potent Vitamin C 10 serum. This innovative treatment is designed to enhance collagen production, improve skin texture, and promote a youthful glow.

    Microneedling, a minimally invasive procedure, uses fine needles to create microchannels in the skin, stimulating collagen and elastin production. This paves the way for the efficient absorption of Vitamin C 10 serum, a powerhouse antioxidant that brightens, firms, and protects the skin from environmental stressors.

    The soothing touch of cooling globes complements the microneedling process, reducing redness and inflammation while enhancing the serum's penetration. Together, this trio creates a harmonious symphony of skin renewal, leaving you with a refreshed, radiant complexion.


  • Unveil Your Skin's Radiance with our Tailored Skin Peel Collection:

    1. Eliminate Peel: Perfect for problematic, oily, and combination skin, the Eliminate Peel is your solution for a clearer complexion. This targeted peel addresses concerns like excess oil, blemishes, and uneven texture, leaving your skin refreshed and revitalised.

    2. Radiate Peel: Indulge in the anti-ageing wonders of the Radiate Peel, specially crafted for those dealing with premature ageing, pigmentation, and scarring. This transformative peel works to diminish fine lines, even skin tone, and reveal a radiant glow, letting your youthful vibrancy shine through.

    3. Rejuvenate Peel: Say goodbye to dryness and embrace a more youthful look with our Rejuvenate Peel. Tailored for dry, dehydrated skin with fine lines and wrinkles, this peel replenishes moisture, promotes collagen production, and restores your skin's suppleness for a revitalised and luminous complexion.


  • Embark on a transformative journey with our Million Dollar Body Treatment, a luxurious six-step process designed to rejuvenate and revitalise your skin from head to toe.

    This indulgent experience harnesses the power of micro-needling technology, delicately creating micro-traumas in the skin to stimulate the body's natural healing process.

    While the idea of micro-traumas might sound intricate, rest assured, it involves only tiny pinpricks that act as a catalyst for your skin's renewal. As the skin begins to heal, a surge in natural collagen production occurs, resulting in firmer, smoother skin.

    Say farewell to body concerns such as stretch marks, scars, and wrinkles as this treatment promotes healing, skin regeneration, and unparalleled hydration.


Beauty Treatments

  • Treat your feet to the ultimate pampering session featuring OPI polish. Enjoy meticulous nail care, soothing soaks, and a heavenly massage for a revitalized and glamorous finish. Walk out with beautifully polished toes and a renewed sense of well-being.


  • Experience the epitome of nail luxury with our OPI-polished manicure. Our skilled technician will pamper your hands, shape your nails to perfection, and apply the latest OPI polish shades for a dazzling finish.


  • With over 20 years of expertise, our skilled technician uses premium wax beads and strip wax for efficient hair removal.

    Quick Full Leg: In just 20 minutes, reveal flawlessly smooth legs, handled with precision by our experienced professional/

    Intimate Waxing with Modesty: Experience discreet Brazilian and Hollywood waxing, ensuring your comfort without the need to go on all fours.

    Targeted Areas: From bikini line to underarms, lip, chin, eyebrows, back, arms, and half legs, our experts deliver efficient and thorough waxing for every area.

    Your comfort is our priority. Trust us for a swift, discreet, and expert waxing experience, leaving you with irresistibly smooth skin.

    From £10

  • We use high-quality tints to accentuate your natural beauty. Whether you desire fuller brows or darker, more pronounced lashes, our expert technicians deliver stunning results. Elevate your features with perfectly tinted eyebrows and eyelashes.

    From £10

Our Packages

Bring a friend or relative and receive 1ml lip filler for only £90 each.
Saving £100 in total

Bring a Bestie Lip Package

Use between: Cheeks, Chin, Jawline, Nasolabial Folds and Marionette Lines.
3.3ml only £300 save £60
4.4ml only £370 save £90
5.5ml only £440 save £120

Facial Contouring Package

1ml Russian Lips
3 x Areas of Anti-Wrinkle Botox
Only £290 save £40

Lips & Botox Package

3 x Areas of Anti-Wrinkle Botox
Skin Booster
Only £295 save £90

Luxe Skin Package


Barbara Taylor

Wow such an experienced therapist who knew what my skin needed, Charlotte went over and above for my treatment. Great location and fabulous salon.

Emma Parker

Can’t recommend Charlotte enough! She is so professional and uses the best products. Such good value for money and I always leave feeling a million dollars!

Melissa Andrews

This was my first time getting lip fillers and Charlotte made me feel extremely comfortable. I’m so happy with the outcome so far. Amazing! Will defo be going back.

What Our Clients Say

The Treatments You Want, Need & Deserve. Because Why Not?



Embark on your journey to enhanced beauty with our complimentary consultation service. We are committed to understanding your unique needs, concerns, and aspirations. During this personalised session, we take the time to discuss your aesthetic goals, answer any questions you may have, and provide expert insights tailored to your individual requirements. It's an opportunity for you to explore our range of services, understand the procedures, and determine the most suitable options for your desired outcomes. Our free consultation ensures you feel informed, comfortable, and empowered to make decisions that align with your vision of beauty and well-being. Trust us to guide you on your path to self-discovery and transformation, where your beauty aspirations meet expert guidance.

At our clinic, we understand that sometimes aesthetic procedures may not go as planned or that certain outcomes may not meet your expectations. That's why we offer our emergency and corrective service, ensuring you have a reliable partner in your aesthetic journey. Our skilled professionals are equipped to address concerns, providing corrective measures when needed. Whether it involves adjusting previous procedures, dissolving filler that hasn't yielded the desired results, or addressing any unexpected issues, our emergency and corrective service prioritize your satisfaction and safety. Trust us to navigate any challenges, offering solutions to ensure you achieve the aesthetic goals you envision. Your well-being and contentment are at the forefront of our commitment to delivering exceptional aesthetic care.

Opening Hours

Sunday, Monday, Wednesday : Closed
Tuesday: 10am - 6pm

​​Thursday: 10am - 8pm

​Friday: 10am - 6pm
​Saturday: 10am - 5pm


Simply Beauty Redhill,
Donyngs Leisure Centre,
Linkfield Lane,


 RH1 1DP

Where we are

We are conveniently located inside Donyngs Leisure Centre in Redhill, Surrey.
When you enter the building you will see a lift in the far left hand corner, we are floor -1.
You will see our door immediately opposite the lift as you step out.


There is ample free parking on site for you to use, you will always get a space!


We have toilets available to use, we are wheelchair accessible and there's an on-site café where you can grab a drink and a bite to eat (the hot chocolate is out of this world!)

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